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My 7/19-7/20 Weekend Scores (Target, CVS, Copp's)

Thanks to the wonderful guides that are the Krazy Coupon Lady and Pocket Your Dollars, along with some of my own finds, I scored some great deals this weekend!

I started off at Target.  There are still some great deals going on so be sure to check out your local store!  I started with the Van's Waffles, on sale for $2.50.  There is a $1 printable coupon as well as a $3 one after taking a survey.  With the $3 coupon, the waffles are free. Even better, with the Ibotta app (an app that allows you to scan a purchased product and receipt for cash deposited into your PayPal account), you can earn $1.00!  Getting paid to try some new waffles?  Love it!

Besides the waffles, I found some Earth's Best Tots Organic Juice Boxes on clearance for $1.86.  When I contacted the manufacturer with a request for coupons, I received three $0.55/1 coupons.  Do the same and these juice boxes could be as low as $1.31.

I have a $1/1 L'oreal Cosmetic manufacturer coupon as well as a $1/1 L'oreal Eye Cosmetic Target coupon so I decided to browse the clearance in hopes of finding a freebie.  I was disappointed, not finding ANY make up on sale (only a few lotions and spray tans).  I did spy one little Burt's Bees revitalizing lip balm on clearance for $1.48.  Paired with the $1.50/1 Burt's Bees Lip Color product (there was a printable version that expired but also one that I clipped from the Copp's weekly ad last week), the tube was free!

My final Target deal was the Up & Up 100 count cotton rounds.  They were regularly priced at $2.04 and paired with a Target  $0.75/1 Up & Up cotton product coupon for a total of $1.29.

Van's 8 Grain Waffles $2.50
-$3/1 coupon 
+$1 Ibotta Offer
= -$1.00

Burt's Bees Revitalizing Lip Balm $1.48
-$1.50/1 coupon

Up & Up 100 count cotton rounds $2.04
-$0.75/1 coupon
= $1.29

Later on Friday, I went to CVS.  Last month, I took advantage of a wonderful diaper deal that rewarded me with $12 Extra Bucks (basically like a CVS gift certificate that must be used in one transaction, meaning if you spend $10, they take the whole Extra Bucks reward).  This was my first time shopping at CVS as they are new to Madison within the last few years.  Before I went, I signed up for their Extra Care card which offers special coupons through email, snail mail, an app, and even their in store coupon center.

I was happy to receive a 20% off coupon this week.  That was enough motivation for me to go ahead and redeem my Extra Bucks.  There was a great deal on Playtex Gentle Glide tampons.  The 36 count box was on sale for $6.49, combined with a $3/1 printable coupon and my 20% off made it only $2.19!  Even better, there was a $3 Extra Bucks reward for making this purchase.

My original plan was to purchase the Huggies Wipes Refill deal, 2 refills with two $1/1 coupons for $9.98 plus a $4 Extra Bucks reward.  They were sold out and although I could have gotten a rain check but I had calculated almost an exactly $12 purchase and needed to find something else.  I browsed the store and decided to go with the Maybelline offer, buy $10 of products for $3 EB.  I needed mascara and nail polish and that totaled $9.98.  As long as the purchase is within 2% of the required price, you still receive the ExtraBucks.

I was also planning on buying the U by Kotex 18 count liners.  They were at their regular price of $1.49 plus I have a $1/1 coupon.  After the 20% off coupon, they would have only been $0.39.  However, I left the coupon at home!  I picked up the final item on my list which were the Tena liners for FREE!  There was a $5 coupon in the paper and the 26 count box was only $3.99.  I plan to donate these.

Playtex Gentle Glide 36 ct. tampons $6.49
-$3/1 coupon
-20% off purchase
 +$3 EB
= -$0.81

Maybelline Mascara $5.99
Maybelline Nail Polish $3.99
-20% off purchase
+$3 EB
= $6.98

Tena Sporty Liners $3.99
-$5/1 coupon SS 7/14 (exp 8/31)

Unfortunately, I have not found a website that specifies when Copp's has the Double Double Daze, not even their own.  It used to be every Saturday but it has seen some variation.  Sometimes they are on Wednesdays, too.  I asked someone at customer service and even they did not know.  The only place that reliably gives the information is the weekly circular, it seems.

First, I took advantage of the Reynold's paper cups freebie that has been available for the past few weeks.  They are regularly priced at $0.99, combined with a doubled $0.55/1 coupon makes them free.

Next, I had a printable $1/1 Kikkoman's product coupon that I used on the $2.29 box of panko breadcrumbs, making them only $0.29.

On my last trip to Copp's, I noticed how many products the Roundy Organics line has gained.  I decided to do some browsing and it paid off.  I normally purchase the Full Circle Organic instant granola (8 packs) for $2.99 at Woodman's.  Roundy's offered their version for $3.59 but it was on sale for only $2.50!

Another great deal I hadn't planned on was the Cascadian Farms cereal.  Normally $4.39 at Copps, they were also on sale for $2.50.  I recently purchased Full Circle Organic raisin bran for $3.49 at Woodman's.  There was also a Copp's coupon for the cereal taking an extra $0.52 off of my two boxes.  I paid $4.48.  However, if I was prepared I would have brought two $0. 75/1 Cascadian Farms products.  When doubled, I would have only paid $0.74 a box!

I will stop here to note that today was NOT double double daze.  I could have made separate transactions but I didn't realize it until some of my coupons did not double.  My cashier was new and needed the manager to help.  She said that this time they would double my coupons but in the future I need to do separate transactions.  It worked out well because I was about to take my coupons back and use them later but the staff so nicely assisted me.

Anyways, I also purchased the S Rosen Whole Wheat bread, normally $2.49-$2.89 at Woodman's and $3.29 at Copp's.  It was on sale for $2.49 and I had two $0.50/1 manufacturer coupons.  When doubled, I paid $1.49 per loaf. 

The Gerber organic infant pouches were on sale for $1.50 each when purchasing two or more.  I used the $1/2 Gerber organic product coupon, doubled for a total of $0.50 each.

The last two deals I scored were on toothpaste.  The Colgate Sparkling White 4 oz toothpaste was on sale for $1.  There was a Copp's coupon taking the price down to $0.88.  I also had a $0.50/1 coupon from last Sunday's paper which made it FREE after the doubled coupon!  I also picked up some Tom's Fluoride Free toothpaste, on sale for $4.29 from the original $5.49.  I had a $1/1 coupon from the paper several weeks ago, making it only $2.29! 

Reynold's Paper Liners $0.99
-$0.55/1 x 2

Kikkoman Panko Breadcrumbs $2.29
-$1/1 x 2
= $0.29

Gerber Organic Infant Pouches $1.50 (when buying 2 or more)
-$1/2 x 2
= $0.50 each

Colgate Sparkling White 4 oz. toothpaste $1.00
-$0.22 Copp's coupon
-$0.50/1 x 2 SS 7/14 (exp 7/27)

Tom's Fluoride Free Toothpaste $4.29
-$1/1 x 2 SS 6/23 (exp 8/10)
= $2.29

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